How to find the model number of Lenovo laptop?

Model number of any laptop usually consists of numbers and letters, and may include a series name. Model number is meant to identify an entire specific line up of laptops, and identical laptops from the same line up will have identical or slightly varying model names. Unlike serial numbers, service tags or asset tags model name and number is not unique to each individual laptop.

Method 1 : Using the Printed Product Label

Lenovo Laptops have labels that are found on the back of the laptop or sometimes can be hidden behind a battery or behind another back-side panel like a RAM or HDD door. Unless found on the back cover itself a label with the model number information will be found after removal of the battery on the bottom of the laptop. Please do not confuse a model number with a serial number.

  • Near the keyboard
    Near the keyboard
  • printed on the label at the bottom of the laptop
    Printed on the label at the bottom of the laptop
  • printed on the LCD Bezel
    Printed on the LCD Bezel
  • Printed on the label inside the battery compartment of the laptop
    Printed on the label inside the battery compartment

Example of Lenovo ideapad:

the model number of Lenovo ideapad laptop

Method 2 : Using the Lenovo Service Bridge/Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo Service Bridge is an application that provides increased functionality between your system and the Lenovo Support Site. With Service Bridge installed, you can click use our support site to automatically scan your product to find its name and serial number.

lenovo service bridge

Watch the video: How to install Lenovo Service Bridge.

Launching the Lenovo Vantage app can also automatically obtain your product name and serial number.

Lenovo Vantage

How to find Lenovo Vantage on your device:
  1. Start Menu: Listed in the installed apps list.
  2. Windows Tile
  3. Taskbar
  4. Windows Search bar

Find Lenovo Vantage

Search Lenovo Vantage

Method 3 : Using the Access Of BIOS

This method is the last option but the most successful one. If above methods did not work on your computer, you can rely on this.

BIOS stands for Basic Input/output system, you can access this system and find out the information about your computer using the steps given below:

  1. Close all your applications and save in case you are doing some important work. Restart your laptop.
  2. Press F1 at the Lenovo, ThinkPad, ThinkStation, or ThinkCentre logo during bootup.
    Note: For some models, instead of pressing F1, continuously press Enter during powering on until a Startup Interrupt Menu displays. The screenshot is for reference. The actual menu will be different. Startup Interrupt Menu
  3. If you failed to go to the boot menu, again restart your computer and follow the above steps again.
  4. Once you get into the BIOS, you can see the full information such as model number, the product number of your laptop.
    Using the Access Of BIOS