Replacement Batteries for Lenovo LEGION Series

Is your Lenovo LEGION battery not charging or draining quickly? Change it with a new one! Our Lenovo LEGION laptop batteries are assembled by the Grade A+ Cells and high-quality components to ensure faster charging and longer life. Moreover, each of our Lenovo LEGION laptop batteries has been individually tested and designed to fit your Lenovo laptop exactly like the original battery.

Provide batteries for 10408 models of Lenovo LEGION
Legion Y540-17IRH-PG0-81T3
Legion Y530-15ICH(81GT)
Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0(81SY00MWGE)
Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0(81SY00LBGE)
Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0(81SY003AGE)
Legion Y7000-2019(81NS000KTA)
Legion Y7000-2019(81NS0007KR)
Legion Y7000-2019(81NS0006KR)
Legion Y7000P-1060(81LF)
Legion Y7000-2019-PG0(81T0)
Legion Y7000-2019(81NS)
Legion Y7000P-81LD
Legion Y7000P-81HC
Legion Y7000 1050(81V4)
Legion Y7000P
Legion Y7000
Legion Y520
Legion Y520-15IKBN-80WK
Legion Y520-15IKBM-80YY
Legion Y520-15IKBA-80WY
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80YY)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK00LJGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK00LHGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK00LLGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK00XPGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK01DXGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN(80WK01DWGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBN
Legion Y520-15IKBM(80YY001UGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBM(80WK01DWGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBM(80YY003UGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBM
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY000CGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY000EGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY000FGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY001VGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY001UGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA(80WY000DGE)
Legion Y520-15IKBA
Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0-81SY003AGE
Legion Y540-15IRH-PG0
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX0065MZ
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX00B1GE
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX0079GE
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX004SGE
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX004UGE
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX004TGE
Legion Y540-15IRH-81SX
Legion Y540-15IRH-81RJ
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV008SGE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV00G5GE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV00L0GE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV008TGE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV008PGE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV008RGE
Legion Y530-15ICH-81GT
Legion Y530-15ICH-81FV
Legion Y530-15ICH