Replacement Batteries for Lenovo THINKPAD L Series

Is your Lenovo THINKPAD L battery not charging or draining quickly? Change it with a new one! Our Lenovo THINKPAD L laptop batteries are assembled by the Grade A+ Cells and high-quality components to ensure faster charging and longer life. Moreover, each of our Lenovo THINKPAD L laptop batteries has been individually tested and designed to fit your Lenovo laptop exactly like the original battery.

Provide batteries for 694 models of Lenovo THINKPAD L
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH0015GE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH0017GE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH001AGE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH001CGE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH001EGE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VH0039GE
ThinkPad L13 2nd Gen-20VJ
ThinkPad L13 Yoga
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R5
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R50002PB
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R50004GE
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R50006GE
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R5000BPB
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R5000KGE
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R6
ThinkPad L13 Yoga-20R6S00800
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000UGE
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000VGB
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000VGE
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000WGB
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000WGE
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X1000XGB
ThinkPad L14 2nd Gen-20X2
ThinkPad L14-20U1
ThinkPad L14-20U1000VGE
ThinkPad L14-20U1000WGE
ThinkPad L14-20U1000XGE
ThinkPad L14-20U10012GE
ThinkPad L14-20U10014GE
ThinkPad L14-20U10016GE
ThinkPad L14-20U1002KGE
ThinkPad L14-20U2
ThinkPad L14-20U5
ThinkPad L14-20U50001GE
ThinkPad L14-20U50003GE
ThinkPad L14-20U50004GE
ThinkPad L14-20U6
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3000NGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3000QGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3000RGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3000SGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3002EGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U3002FGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20U4
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20X3
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20X3000UGB
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20X3000UGE
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20X3000VGB
ThinkPad L15 2nd Gen-20X4
ThinkPad L15-20U7
ThinkPad L15-20U70004GE
ThinkPad L15-20U8
ThinkPad L380
ThinkPad L380 Yoga
ThinkPad L380 Yoga 20M80017GE
ThinkPad L380-20M5
ThinkPad L380-20M5000UGE
ThinkPad L380-20M5000WGE
ThinkPad L380-20M5000XMZ
ThinkPad L380-20M50012GE
ThinkPad L380-20M50013GE
ThinkPad L380-20M50013MZ
ThinkPad L380-20M6
ThinkPad L390
ThinkPad L390 Yoga
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT000XGE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT0011GE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT0015GE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT0017GE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT0018GE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NT001KGE
ThinkPad L390 Yoga-20NU
ThinkPad L390-20NR
ThinkPad L390-20NR0013GE
ThinkPad L390-20NR0014GE
ThinkPad L390-20NR001EGE
ThinkPad L390-20NR001JGE
ThinkPad L390-20NR001LGE
ThinkPad L390-20NS
ThinkPad L410
ThinkPad L412
ThinkPad L412 0530
ThinkPad L412 0553
ThinkPad L412 0585
ThinkPad L412 0591
ThinkPad L412 4403
ThinkPad L412 4404
ThinkPad L412 NVU53PB
ThinkPad L420
ThinkPad L420 7826
ThinkPad L420 7827
ThinkPad L420 7829
ThinkPad L420 7853
ThinkPad L420 7854
ThinkPad L420 7856
ThinkPad L421
ThinkPad L430
ThinkPad L430(2465)
ThinkPad L430(2466)
ThinkPad L430(2468)
ThinkPad L430(2469)
ThinkPad L430(767D061)
ThinkPad L430(N2L34GE)
ThinkPad L430(N2L36GE)
ThinkPad L430(N2L3PGE)
ThinkPad L430(N2L3QGE)
ThinkPad L440
ThinkPad L440 20AS
ThinkPad L440 20AS0003US
ThinkPad L440 20AS000S
ThinkPad L440 20AS000SUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS000U
ThinkPad L440 20AS000W
ThinkPad L440 20AS000WUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS000X
ThinkPad L440 20AS000XUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS000Y
ThinkPad L440 20AS000YUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS0010
ThinkPad L440 20AS0010US
ThinkPad L440 20AS0011
ThinkPad L440 20AS0011US
ThinkPad L440 20AS0012
ThinkPad L440 20AS0012US
ThinkPad L440 20AS001C
ThinkPad L440 20AS001NUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002CUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002DUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002EUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002FUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002GUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002HUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002JUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002KUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002LUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002MUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002NUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002SUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002TUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002UUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002VUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002WUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002XUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS002YUS
ThinkPad L440 20AS0030US