Replacement Batteries for Lenovo YOGA Series

Is your Lenovo YOGA battery not charging or draining quickly? Change it with a new one! Our Lenovo YOGA laptop batteries are assembled by the Grade A+ Cells and high-quality components to ensure faster charging and longer life. Moreover, each of our Lenovo YOGA laptop batteries has been individually tested and designed to fit your Lenovo laptop exactly like the original battery.

Provide batteries for 10318 models of Lenovo YOGA
Yoga 510-14IKB-80VB004RMJ
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4002QMZ
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4008JMZ
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4002XMZ
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003VGE
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003TGE
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4003UGE
Yoga C930-13IKB-81C4
Yoga C930-13IKB-81EQ000HGE
Yoga C930-13IKB
Yoga C930-13IKB-81EQ
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X70058GE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X70091GE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X70092GE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X7005BGE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X70041GE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X7005CGE
Yoga 720-15IKB-80X7
Yoga 720-15IKB
Yoga 720-13IKBR-81C3008RGE
Yoga 720-13IKBR-81C30060GE
Yoga 720-13IKBR-81C3008QGE
Yoga 720-13IKBR-81C3008PGE
Yoga 720-13IKBR-81C3
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C3008MGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C3002KGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C3002NGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C3002PGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C30060GE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C30061GE
Yoga 720-13IKB-81C3
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X60096GE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X60050GE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X6001TGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X6001SGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X6001QGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X6001RGE
Yoga 720-13IKB-80X6
Yoga 710-15IKB-80V5000JRK
Yoga 710-15IKB-80V50009US
Yoga 710-15IKB-80V50000US
Yoga 710-15ISK-80U00006US
Yoga 710-15ISK-80U0000HRA
Yoga 710-15ISK-80U00005US
Yoga 710-15ISK-80U0
Yoga 710-15IKB-80V5
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V4
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY003HCK
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY003GCK
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY000QGE
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY000SGE
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY000TGE
Yoga 710-14ISK-80TY000RGE
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V40001HH
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V40000HH
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V4003RPB
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V4004NMH
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V4004BGE
Yoga 710-14IKB-80V4002HGE
YOGA 710-15ISK
YOGA 710-15IKB
Yoga 720-13IKB
Yoga 510(14 Inch)
Yoga 3 11-5Y71
Yoga 3 11-5Y10
Yoga 3 11-80J8
Yoga 3 11-80J8002UU
Yoga 700-14ISK
Yoga 3 11 Convertible
Yoga 3 11
Yoga 3 11 80J8001WGE
Yoga 700-11ISK
Yoga 500-14ISK
Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003QUS
Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5005ASP
Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003US
Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003WSP
Yoga 720-12IKB-81B5003VSP
yoga 720-12IKB
Yoga 900-IFI
Yoga 900-13ISK
Yoga 4 Pro 900-13ISK
Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook
Yoga 2 Pro 13.3
Yoga 2 Pro-13 59-382893
Yoga 2 Pro 13-IFI
Yoga Book Android YB1-X90F
Yoga Book YB1-X91X
Yoga Book YB1-X91L
Yoga Book YB1-X91F
Yoga 510-15ISK-80SR00AVSP
Yoga 510-15IKB-80SV00G3GE
Yoga 510-15IKB-80VC000XGE
Yoga 510-15ISK
Yoga 510-15IKB
Yoga 510-14ISK-80S700ADGE
Yoga 510-14ISK 80S700GLGE
Yoga 510-14IKB-80VB004DGE
Yoga 500-14IBD 80N4
Yoga 500-14IHW
Yoga 500-15ISK
Yoga 500-15IBD
Yoga 500-14IBD
Yoga 500-14SK
YOGA 710-14IKB
YOGA 710-14ISK
Yoga 510-14ISK 80UK
Yoga 510-14ISK
Yoga 510-14IKB 80YM
Yoga 510-14IKB 80VB
Yoga 510-14IKB
Yoga 510-14AST 80S9
Yoga 510-14AST
Yoga 510-14ISK 80S7